Rating: 4 out of 5.

We should never give Key Glock another hook. He’s clearly the second coming of Super Saiyan when he doesn’t have one.

If I were an aspiring trap rapper, I’d take notes from Key Glock’s moves. Despite maintaining a low profile in the music industry, his streaming numbers are consistently impressive. I’m also confident he’s raking in as much cash as those who boast about their massive earnings. Today, the Memphis rapper dropped a fresh single called “No Hook 2.”

In “No Hook 2,” Key Glock talks his s**t nonstop. To be more specific, in his lone verse in the song, using this dismissive tone and consistent flow, Glock brings up the heater that he keeps on him, his pockets that are fatter than Peter Griffin, and his left wrist that looks like glass. The song’s icing on the cake is the hard-hitting, Western-like beat that will get in quite the brouhaha with your car speakers. 

Glock talks s**t like a dude who got rich all by his lonesome (That is the most respectable circumstance to talk s**t).