Rating: 4 out of 5.

Lil Baby enters the EDM world.

Lil Baby strategically navigated his path to success through several astute decisions. He engaged in collaborative albums, used his platform to address important issues such as the Black Lives Matter movement, and extended his presence to various advertising campaigns, including deodorant and sports commercials. In essence, he leveraged his growing fame to enhance his marketability and appeal to a broader audience. With the release of “Pepper,” a collaboration single he did with Flowdan and Skillrex, Baby seems to be showing a willingness to enter into the super popular EDM world.

“Pepper” is driven by a high-octane, futuristic, and menacing trap beat, providing a fitting backdrop for the competitive verses traded by Lil Baby and Flowdan. While the former maintains his signature trap style, the latter sounds like ChatGPT with muscles. The unexpected pairing works well within the song.

I think I can do a full-blown EDM album from Lil Baby.