Rating: 5 out of 5.

A sun-soaked R&B gem that beautifully captures the power and passion of love.

Atlanta-based musical creative JOIE GREY, a singer, songwriter, and producer, specializes in alternative pop and R&B. With deep-rooted musical passions, this Montgomery, Alabama native was tutored in music by both his grandmother and mother, who are professional musicians themselves, and he developed proficiency in playing multiple instruments. JOIE GREY is not only a gifted musician but also a skilled dancer with training in hip-hop and contemporary dance. His distinctive style draws from various music genres, including electronica and funk, allowing him to craft a unique and standout sound. JOIE GREY’s most recent release is the dual-track R&B single “Chivalry,” which features the “Chivalry (West Coast Version).”

With a lively blend of warm acoustic guitar and uplifting piano, “Chivalry (West Coast Version)” offers an ideal, vibrant backdrop that perfectly complements the track’s romantic theme. The lyrics, such as “You wanna do it the right way, Girl, support you, Yeah chivalry ain’t dead, I got it for you” and “I ain’t gonna hit it and quit, I’m going forever, Give me your heart, I’ll take it forever,” express the artist’s heartfelt devotion to someone special. This sun-soaked R&B single by JOIE GREY exudes a wonderfully radiant atmosphere and features sweet vocals, making it a melodic journey into the realm of love. So hit that play button and let the heartfelt words of “Chivalry (West Coast Version)” warm your heart.