Rating: 5 out of 5.

An emotive track about turning the clock back for love.

Zach Hood, a native of Alabama, is not only a singer and songwriter but was also widely recognized as a social media personality on TikTok, boasting over 1 million followers. Transitioning from social media, he ventured into the music scene by releasing covers and original songs, ultimately establishing himself as a genuine artist. In 2021, he made his musical debut with the release of his first single, “Flashbacks,” followed by several more singles, collectively amassing over 100 million streams. His latest hit, “not them,” is the newest addition to his impressive repertoire.

In “not them,” Zach Hood delves deep into introspection, reflecting on past mistakes that led to the deterioration of a significant relationship. To convey the depth of his emotions, he employs a beautiful symphony-like arrangement of strings, complemented by soul-stirring vocals. Poignant lyrics such as “Wish I could hold your hand a little tighter” and “Wish I was a little nicer, but words don’t make a difference in the end” express his heartfelt self-examination, contemplating the various ways in which he could have been a better partner. If you’ve ever yearned to rekindle a past love and would do anything to make amends, “not them” is a song that will undoubtedly resonate with you.