“You Tha One” is the perfect song for those in search of a new love song to groove to.

There’s another producer from Los Angeles that you need to pay attention to. Badtif brings a contemporary twist to West Coast Rap and R&B, making her music appealing to a broad audience. In 2022, she debuted with the single “Show Me,” featuring Okay Mazi and Jay Savior. More recently, she released her second single, “You Tha One,” which features Jay Millian and Kenai and delves into the essence of genuine love.

“You Tha One” is a mid-tempo R&B single with a rhythmic quality and a fusion of trap beats. The song’s production may appear somewhat busy as it explores different musical vibes. However, despite the unique production, the artists successfully convey a smooth and romantic energy, making it an ideal trap-R&B love song for fans. The track provides a contemporary perspective on love, showcasing a couple’s commitment and resilience in facing challenges, ultimately strengthening their bond.

Give “You Tha One” a shot below.