Rating: 4 out of 5.

Gunna shows off his Afrobeats bag.

Gunna has had an exceptional year, and what makes it even more impressive is that he achieved this without relying on major guest features, appearances, or co-signs. Instead, he chose to collaborate with some lesser-known international artists. Notably, he teamed up with Victor Thompson to create a remix for Thompson’s track, “THIS YEAR (Blessing).” This collaborative effort showcases Gunna’s versatility and ability to work with artists from various backgrounds and styles.

What will undeniably captivate audiences about this song is Gunna’s exceptional ability to seamlessly embrace the Afrobeats style, rendering vocals that exude authenticity. Furthermore, Gunna’s lyrical content, centered on acknowledging blessings and expressing gratitude, is striking. The collaboration between Gunna and Victor Thompson serves as a compelling and harmonious partnership, beautifully showcasing their collective talents.

Gunna is proving that good music beats anything else y’all be talking about.