“Safe & Sound” finds 0sb0rne in his most cold yet vulnerable state.

Germany-based singer-songwriter 0sb0rne has the ability to connect with his fans through relatable yet vulnerable lyrics and captivate them with his energetic trap-pop melodies. In 2019, he introduced his music with the singles “Molly2” and “BEN 10.” Over the years, he continued to release more singles, and most recently, he unveiled his latest album, Know Me, which has the outstanding track “Safe & Sound.”

“Safe & Sound” by 0sb0rne delves into the harsh reality of self-sabotage. Through his emotional performance, he offers listeners a glimpse into the internal struggle between the desire to change and the pull of old, destructive habits. He attempts to be a better partner but is ultimately driven by fear to revert to toxic behaviors, which drives his girlfriend away. Although he realizes he can’t undo the damage, he hopes she is alright. This poignant story serves as a cautionary tale for those facing similar struggles, emphasizing the importance of healing before it’s too late.

“Safe & Sound” seamlessly blends R&B and trap elements into a mid-tempo, somber masterpiece that captures the essence of heartbreak. If you can relate to these themes, give “Safe & Sound” by 0sb0rne a listen.