A pop track that makes sense of a breakup.

Lily Meola, a singer and songwriter, hails from Maui, Hawaii. Her passion for singing blossomed at a young age as she listened to iconic artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Joni Mitchell, and Carole King while sitting in her mom’s car. At just 11 years old, she embarked on her musical journey by performing across Maui, quickly garnering the attention of the local community. Along her path, she found a guiding mentor in producer Bob Rock and had the incredible opportunity to tour with Willie Nelson, even appearing on his album To All the Girls. Lily Meola introduced her debut EP, Daydream, in 2022, featuring the single “DayDream,” which has achieved over 50 million streams on Spotify. She now returns with her latest single, “Without You.”

In “Without You,” Lily Meola delves into the remnants of a passionate love that has left her heart and mind in turmoil. This audacious pop track stirs a tempest of emotions within you as you immerse yourself in Meola’s narrative of love and heartbreak. The songstress masterfully weaves her folk-pop vocals with lively acoustic guitars and a poignant piano-driven production. By honestly sharing her truth, Meola sheds light on the aftermath of breakups and the lingering presence of past relationships, illustrating that one is never truly free from their grasp. If you find yourself grappling with heartbreak and seek solace, give “Without You” a listen.