Rating: 4 out of 5.

RIZ clearly goes to parties that you and I aren’t capable of going to.

RIZ might have the most fitting name in the history of music. In his songs, he leans on smooth vocals and candid lyrics to explore the intricacies of relationships, much like someone with “riz” would do. Stylistically, this artist delves into various genres, from R&B to hip-hop and Afropop. Some of RIZ’s standout tracks include “Homie” and “Dirty Dancing.” His most recent release is “Envy.”

“Envy” takes a page straight out of The Weeknd’s playbook. In this track, driven by an uptempo and mind-bending beat, RIZ employs high-pitched vocals and an exhilarating tone to narrate his desires for steamy encounters with a woman who seems to come alive at night (and by “come alive,” I mean she indulges in drugs and more). The melodies he weaves throughout the song are undeniably beautiful, the track’s arrangement is exceptionally engaging, and the lyrics are boldly provocative. It’s simply fantastic.

Give “Envy” by RIZ a shot below.