Rating: 4 out of 5.

I missed the s**t out of Wale.

I recently watched Wale’s Tiny Desk performance, and it highlighted two main things for me. Firstly, it emphasized the sheer number of hits in his catalog. Secondly, it underscored the organic and genuine quality of his music. In the past few years, Wale had been surprisingly quiet. However, today, he made his triumphant return to the music scene with a fresh single titled “Max Julien.”

“Max Julien” exudes a remarkably mellow vibe perfect for a profoundly personal vent session. The track commences with a shimmering, soulful hip-hop beat, reminiscent of the kind that an artist like Drake might choose to deliver profound lyrics over. Fortunately, Wale does just that. In his verses, he delves into topics such as severing ties with fake friends, embracing his authenticity, and attracting genuine women. What’s interesting is how quickly he gets his raps off and how cold his tone is. His fatigue-like delivery adds a unique layer to the song, which works surprisingly well.

Wale’s style is aging well.