Jay R considers himself fortunate to have the girl of his dreams.

Los Angeles-based musician Jay R has been on a musical and personal journey to become known as The Philippines King of R&B. He started his musical career in two bands, the Howlers and First Impression, where he utilized his singing and music production skills to refine his craft. Eventually, he ventured into a solo career and secured a record deal in Manila. His debut album, Gameface, was a massive success, quickly achieving double platinum status and paving the way for more projects. Recently, Jay R released his latest single, “Blessed,” which conveys his deep gratitude for the love he has found with his significant other.

In “Blessed,” Jay R expresses his deep appreciation for his significant other sensually. With his airy vocals, he delves into the profound love he has discovered for her, appreciating her both mentally and physically, but above all, he emphasizes the way she loves him. Alongside his amazing vocals, the track features a simple yet infectious rhythmic melody that perfectly encapsulates the smooth and soulful essence of R&B.

Give “Blessed” by Jay R a shot below.