Damn, why didn’t 42 Dugg call this track “First Day Out?”

Just last week, Detroit’s very own, 42 Dugg, emerged from a year-long prison sentence. His absence from the music scene was certainly felt. One of 42’s initial moves upon release was heading straight to the recording studio. And today, we’re greeted with a fresh release from the artist titled “Go Again.”

“Go Again” features a menacing beat, evoking the dark vibes of Halloween. Over it, 42 Dugg raps about his readiness for smoke, his disdain for ordinary women, and his ability to catch his opps off guard. As expected, you will appreciate the unique punchlines and clever wordplay he blesses us with throughout. In other words, fans of 42 will find this track right within his wheelhouse.

It’s funny how folks get out of jail and talk about s**t in their music that would put them right back in.