Rating: 4 out of 5.

Conway The Machine is 82-0 over beats that sound like they sell drugs.

Conway The Machine drops so many random-ass songs that I no longer know which ones he’s actually serious about. Whatever the case may be, you have to appreciate his love for hip-hop music. A few more things Conway loves are balling on ninjas and talking about drug dealing. In his latest single, “Brick By Brick” with Wun Two, he does just that.

Griselda is undefeated when they spit some gutter s**t. “Brick By Brick” features this cold-ass beat that probably likes rocking Kanye’s homeless-looking clothes from back in the day. As expected, Conway The Machine meets the beat at the rim with gritty bars that highlight his turbulent past, his competitive nature on the mic, and his readiness for all kinds of smoke (Including the ninja from Mortal Kombat). What I love is how hungry he sounds throughout. You never get the sense that he’s content with any of the glory he has seen throughout the years.

I hate that we haven’t gotten a Griselda album in a while.