Rating: 4 out of 5.

Two members from G.O.O.D. music’s starting five absolutely shine here.

When the dust settles, CyHi and Pusha T will go down as two of the most underrated rappers of all time. Even though they don’t drop as many tracks as your favorite rappers drop, when they do drop, they usually hit us with s**t that is hella special. Today, a new single with the duo called “Mr. Put That Shit On” hit streaming services. As expected, you get Godly bars from the two rappers.

CyHi and Pusha T have a history of working with one another, so I am not surprised at how great their chemistry is in this song. Somehow, the two rappers find a way to meet the epic, titular beat that drives “Mr. Put That Shit On” at the rim. While we only get a braggadocios chorus from Pusha (Which he shares with CyHi), it’s CyHi that goes ape s**t in the song. The wordplay he hits us with is immaculate, the punchlines he delivers are excellent, and the flows he relies on are as consistent as it gets. As for lyrically, the s**t CyHi talks about in his verses will go over the heads of broke people (He talks about all the expensive s**t he buys chicks, from Burberry ponchos to Tennis chains). That’s actually the s**t that stood out to me the most.

This track is worth every minute (And it’s a whopping five minutes long).