This fiery alt track will help you move on from a bad friend.

Maggie Andrew is an accomplished alt-pop rockstar hailing from Nova Scotia. As a talented singer and songwriter, she has made a significant impact with her genre-blending music, which combines elements of punk, pop, R&B, trap, and indie rock. With a global reach, her music has garnered over 6 million streams, earning her a diverse and widespread fanbase. Over the years, she has honed her craft by collaborating with artists and producers such as blackbear, Ash Riser, Doc McKinney, and YetiBeats. Following the release of her infectious pop-rock single “Better Than You,” Maggie Andrew now returns with the exciting track “Come Clean.”

“Come Clean” is an emotionally charged downpour of electric energy. Borrowing the name and concept from the 2003 single by Hilary Duff, Maggie Andrew puts her own spin on it, delivering a version that’s more raucous and emotionally intense. She utilizes melancholic trap beats and raw, angsty rock guitars to convey the painful experience of being callously abandoned by a close friend. With gritty lyrics that cut deep, she describes this unique form of hurt, akin to heartbreak. We’ve all experienced the pain of a friendship falling apart, and Andrew skillfully captures that sentiment in this raw alt-pop track.

Give “Come Clean” a shot below.