Mariah The Scientist proves she’s a star with the release of “To Be Eaten Alive.”




5. Out of Luck

Can we please get another KAYTRANADA collab?

In “Out of Luck,” Mariah The Scientist collaborates with the iconic producer KAYTRANADA to deliver an addictive, uptempo track that deviates from her usual alternative R&B style. While the song conveys Mariah’s plea for her significant other to salvage their failing relationship, I’m captivated by the experimental beat that complements her airy vocals.



4. Lovesick

Why being in love is like a disease.

“Lovesick” encapsulates the profound emotions experienced within a relationship. Mariah navigates the complexities of doubting their compatibility due to the overwhelming nature of revolving her world around her partner, leading to the isolation of her loved ones. The song astutely addresses the obsessive aspects of love and encourages listeners to seek a healthy balance to avoid becoming “lovesick” like her.



3. 77 Degrees (Ft. 21 Savage)

“77 Degrees” is a certified classic. 

In this sultry, mid-tempo alternative R&B track, Mariah and 21 Savage bring the heat as they delve deep into the theme of their secretive, forbidden connections. It’s worth noting that this song features one of the most impressive 21 Savage verses of the year!



2. Ride (Ft. Young Thug)

Mariah The Scientist and Young Thug’s chemistry is excellent in this song.

In “Ride,” Young Thug and Mariah provide a window into their relationship, revealing that it goes beyond just love. They showcase how they complement each other and bring out the best in one another, even in the face of detractors and doubters. Both artists harmonize seamlessly over the dreamy, acoustic melody of the song.



1. From A Woman

You can’t deny that Mariah’s at her best when in love.

This track is not only the female counterpart to Young Thug’s “From A Man” but also Mariah’s approach towards love. With Mariah, she’s first reluctant to love after suffering many heartbreaks, but after taking a chance, she finds something even more significant. The song highlights the journey she took to find the strength to build trust and intimacy with Thug and herself in a way. 


1. Heaven is A Place On Earth (4/5)

2. Good Times (3.5/5)

3. From A Woman (5/5)

4. 40 Days N 40 Days Nights (Ft. Vory) (3/5)

5. Out of Luck (4.5/5) 

6. Bout Mine (4.5/5)

7. 77 Degrees (Ft. 21 Savage) (5/5)

8. Different Pages (3.5/5)

9. Lovesick (4.5/5)

10. Ride (Ft. Young Thug) (5/5)




Mariah The Scientist’s latest album, To Be Eaten Alive, caters to those who are resilient in their pursuit of love, akin to “scorpions” who crave it. The album takes Mariah beyond the confines of traditional R&B, allowing her to experiment, particularly with tracks like “Out of Luck” and “Ride.” However, her core sound remains firmly rooted in mid-tempo, rhythmic, and heavenly melodies of alternative R&B. Through this new musical direction, Mariah appears more balanced not only in her music but also in herself. The album unapologetically conveys her happiness despite the challenges of life, critics, fans, and online scrutiny, both in her personal relationships and her musical journey.

The guest appearances on the album add depth to their respective songs, offering a male perspective that captures the messy mistakes and the underlying beauty of being in love. While Mariah shines throughout the album, including male counterparts in some songs provides a balanced and authentic perspective of modern love from both sides.

Mariah’s sultry vocals can make listeners believe that heaven is a place on earth. Her emotive and slightly high-pitched tones resonate with those who understand that love can be both profoundly painful and an undeniable source of happiness. Her vocals create an ethereal, dreamlike quality around the concept of love.

This album showcases Mariah’s deep dive into alternative R&B, characterized by its dark and soulful vibe, setting her apart from her contemporaries. The upbeat turn taken in the song “Out of Luck,” featuring the legendary producer Kaytranada, is a delightful surprise that complements her airy vocals beautifully. It’s a sound that many listeners would love to hear more of.

To Be Eaten Alive takes listeners on a raw journey of personal growth, unflinchingly capturing the moments, even the ugly ones, that many are reluctant to discuss. It’s a testament to Mariah The Scientist’s artistic evolution and emotional depth.

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