Rating: 5 out of 5.

One of the best Jersey Club songs you will hear today.

You know what I truly appreciate? When an artist hailing from the New York metropolitan area or Philadelphia dives into the realm of Jersey Club music. While artists like NLE Choppa, who originates from Memphis, have taken a shot at the genre, there’s an unmistakable authenticity when a native of the region takes the reins. In “Ghost,” a collaboration featuring Teewhy G and Mike Zombie, we witness precisely that. One represents New York City, and the other hails from the heart of New Jersey. The result is nothing short of Jersey Club gold.

As much as I rock with the lively, soulful, energetic Jersey Club beat that propels the song, do not sleep on Teewhy G’s lyrics. In “Ghost,” he delves into the reasons behind his unpredictable interactions with the women he encounters. While he touches on trust issues in his lyrics, it becomes evident that his penchant for playing the field is a major contributing factor. Teewhy delivers his verses with a cool and composed tone that adds depth to the overall listening experience. I mean, playas can’t sound too excited, right?

“Ghost” is one of my favorite releases from this year.