Rating: 4 out of 5.

Whoever you are that did Aku wrong, how can you sleep at night?

Does anyone know what Aku The Master looks like? In all of his artwork, he makes sure that you can’t see his face, like Tony Yayo and them. Fortunately, we do know what Aku’s music sounds like. Throughout the years, the Texas native has blessed the world with emotional trap bangers such as “Nocturnal,” “Jennifer’s Body,” and “Pourin Red!” If you want to compare him to someone, I say Juice WRLD. Aku’s most recent release is “Bloodstained Sins.”

Sometimes, we all need a swift reminder that we shouldn’t readily give our hearts to just anyone, and this song effectively delivers that message. In “Bloodstained Sins,” Aku The Master delves into a past relationship where he was betrayed and deceived, leading him down a dark path of substance abuse and solitude, which he acknowledges is an unsustainable lifestyle. What truly distinguishes this track, set to a dramatic and emotionally detached beat, is how Aku allows his vocals to convey his raw emotions. His delivery resonates with authenticity, leaving little doubt that every word he utters is genuine.

Give the very powerful “Bloodstained Sins” a shot below.