Rating: 3 out of 5.

In 2023, hip-hop artists are the only ones making duets.

Fetty Wap’s impact on the hip-hop game isn’t appreciated enough. I feel like his “Trap Queen” hit helped usher in a new era of hip-hop; one that people have run with boldly and fearlessly. Even though Fetty is in the middle of a six-year prison sentence, he still had time to drop a new single he did with Coi Leray called “1738.”

If you’ve followed Fetty Wap throughout the years, you know he’s been screaming 1738 on most of his songs. I can’t believe the song he decided to dedicate to the number is a love song. In “1738,” Fetty Wap and Coi Leray go back and forth about getting freaky after taking a few shots. While I think Coi is the one who puts up a respectable vocal performance that perfectly aligns with the energetic, uptempo R&B beat that drives everything, Fetty’s rough, questionable vocals are what makes the song extra unique (There’s something about his unorthodox sound that sounds both tight and cringey).

Free Fetty Wap! He just sold a little somethin’ somethin’.