Rating: 4 out of 5.

PB and JayceeDai go off in this song.

PB Mogul and JayceeDai are cut from the same cloth. When both rappers hop on the mic, they ensure everything is thoroughly and effectively killed. To familiarize yourself with PB Mogul, I suggest checking out tracks like “Dragon Bite” and “My Way.” To get to know JayceeDai’s style, give her single “Good Fuk” a listen. More recently, these two artists joined forces on a track titled “Ante Up.”

If I had to guess, there was probably some furniture moved around, s**t on fire, and perhaps even a few altercations during the creation of “Ante Up.” In this song, driven by an explosive and hard-hitting beat that’s sure to ignite the club scene, PB Mogul and JayceeDai engage in a back-and-forth exchange. Their lyrics touch upon their unique journeys to success, their competitive nature, and their love for wild partying. Additionally, the song includes references to fat asses and sexual favors. What stands out is the way these two rappers complement each other’s energy, consistently delivering killer punchlines and aggressive, unrelenting flows.

Give “Ante Up” a shot below.