Rating: 3 out of 5.

I’m convinced Marty McFly brought EARTHGANG here from 1975.

There isn’t quite a hip-hop act in the game like EARTHGANG. In their music, they do everything from give me Outkast vibes to 70s vibes to modern-day southern rap vibes. In the past couple of songs I’ve heard from them, they’ve embraced all three, which should excite you for their next full-length project. On Friday, EARTHGANG returned to the music scene with a slick new single called “Blacklight.”

I bet your old-ass Grandpa probably told you, “what you know about this right here, right here,” as soon as this song came on. “Blacklight” is powered by this funky, 70s-like beat that you might hear on a The O’Jays track. Over it, Doctor Dot and Johnny Venus bring out their most stylish, suave, and enchanting vocals to convey the idea of overlooking imperfections when pursuing someone you desire. While it may not be a conventional track, it’s catchy enough to capture the attention of anyone who appreciates good music.

Imagine getting grinded on to this track. You might end up with a baby that night.