A dazzling pop gem that radiates a wonderfully feel-good dose of nostalgia.

Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Kayla Williams, a versatile Canadian musical talent, shines as a multi-talented vocalist making waves in the yacht-pop scene. With a profound passion for her craft, Williams has established herself as a rising star with a distinctive sound that pays homage to the feel-good aesthetics of legendary artists such as TOTO, Steely Dan, Hall & Oates, and The Doobie Brothers. Offering her listeners soulful vocals and a contemporary production style, she brings a fresh and bold feminine perspective to the genre. With a robust musical background as a seasoned musician, a decade-long vocal coach, and the recipient of the 2021 Red Deer Emerging Artist award, Williams brings a wealth of experience to her artistry. Her latest release, the pop single “You Call Me,” exemplifies her talent and adds another layer to her dynamic musical portfolio.

“You Call Me” unfurls a dazzling array of sun-soaked melodies and dance-inducing soft rock elements, crafting an ultra-catchy backdrop that seamlessly complements the heartfelt exploration within the tune. The lyrics, such as “When you call me lately, I know you’re makin’ me a substitute, When you call me baby, I ain’t playin’ those games with you” and “The further that it goes, The more I get to know, You’re all teaser no show, I deserve more than a promo,” delve into a powerful exploration of self-love and the decision to part ways with those who fail to recognize one’s worth. With its empowering narrative and an abundance of nostalgic charm, Kayla Williams bestows upon us a radiant pop gem, serving as a poignant reminder that we don’t require another person to define our worth. Hit play and allow the words of “You Call Me” to inspire the release of toxic situationships.