Rating: 3 out of 5.

Breaking news: Comedian drops new single called “VACAY.”

Apparently, T.I. will soon be done with making music. He announced a few weeks ago on the We In Miami podcast that his forthcoming project, Kiss The King, will be his last. While I don’t think many people have him as a top 10 rapper of all time, I do think his impact on the hip-hop game should not be ignored at all. On Friday, T.I. dropped the first single from Kiss The King, and it’s called “VACAY.”

Arguably, one of T.I.’s best singles to date is “Why U Wanna.” If you squint your eyes really hard, “VACAY” will remind you of that hit. In the song, which is powered by this feverish Caribbean beat, the Atlanta native hits us with spicy, sexified lyrics that embrace partying unchained in a place not named America. While most true T.I. fans will be disappointed with the direction he took for this song (I’m sure y’all wanted to hear some unadulterated trap s**t), don’t worry, he’s just having a little fun here.

We need a The Black Album type showing from T.I. This first single makes it seem like we may not get that…