A soulful contemporary R&B gem that gets real about relationship struggles.

With a diverse array of sounds and a deep passion for their craft, German musical creative deathbypeanuts stands out as a multi-talented producer and artist. Their distinctive style is evident in every unique creation, reflecting a commitment to pushing creative boundaries. In a recent collaboration, deathbypeanuts joined forces with artist MERON, known for previous releases such as “Red Like Wine,” “Letters from Sardinia,” “MOM’S Song,” and “Save Money.” Together, they crafted the contemporary R&B single “Cold As Usual.”

With a wonderfully warm blend of easygoing instrumentals and rich, evocative tones, “Cold As Usual” provides the perfect instantly immersive soundscape to nicely complement the tune’s emotional exploration. Lyrics like “Oh my baby take the pain away from me, Oh I tried the best I could to not make you my problem” and “So I don’t know what to do, feel like we’re further from the truth, No matter what steps I try to take my dear, all you send is trouble on my way” offer up a heart-tugging reflection about struggling to connect with your partner. With its silky vocals and no shortage of sonic and soul-stirring elements, deathbypeanuts and MERON gift us with an intimate contemporary R&B gem that’s beautifully complex. So press play and experience a whirlwind of emotions with “Cold As Usual.”