Rating: 3 out of 5.

Tonight is the night we finally get to hear “Too Good To Be True.”

Though I would’ve been a lot more excited if Rick Ross and Meek Mill collaborated on an album back in 2013, at the end of the day, beggars can’t be choosers, so I’m going to enjoy their forthcoming album, Too Good To Be True, for what it is. While I think there has been a good balance with the singles that have been released thus far, the duo’s latest single, “Go To Hell,” sounds like a straight-up Rick Ross song.

Rick Ross has always enjoyed rapping over hard-hitting, majestic beats, and that’s precisely what we get in this song. In “Go To Hell,” Ross mixes words of wisdom with some flossing and s**t talk, sounding as grandiose and unguardable as he’s ever sounded in the process. As for Meek Mill, he explodes on the scene with a verse highlighting how he balances kicking it with rich folks like Tom Brady and being a real one the streets can respect. While I rock with the explosive energy Meek raps with, I feel like his voice sounds extra youthful, which is a little weird. As for the hook, which BEAM sings, I hate it (Respectfully).

Man, hip-hop is about to have a big night tonight.