A sad pop tune that emotionally explores the pain of losing yourself to a toxic relationship.

Nashville, TN-based musical creative Drew Now is a Canadian singer and songwriter whose songwriting journey began with the songs she encountered in church and on her sisters’ homemade CDs during her formative years. Drew Now’s unapologetic anthems give voice to unspoken vulnerabilities and address the monsters hiding underneath our beds. Among her previous releases are “Pornographic,” “H.O.E.,” and “Type.” Her latest pop single is titled “Dopamine.”

With a captivating blend of soft instrumentals and evocative tones, “Dopamine” provides the perfect immersive backdrop to beautifully complement the tune’s emotional exploration. Lyrics like “You were my wonderland but you got cold, It’s no fun no more, I wanna let go, I’m stuck, still there, that rabbit hole” and “I can’t stand how much of me you know, You’ve been my body, mind, and soul, I gave myself and lost control” vulnerably examine the pain of losing yourself to a toxic relationship. With its soft, hazy vocals and a truly thought-provoking narrative, Drew Now gifts us with a striking pop tune that powerfully explores self-identity, loss, and the struggle of unhealthy partnerships. So press play and give yourself a “Dopamine” boost.