Rating: 3 out of 5.

How did 070 Shake and Ken Carson meet? Did they run into each other at Trader Joe’s?

I wouldn’t say that 070 Shake and Ken Carson are cut from the same cloth, but I do think they are two artists who definitely push boundaries in their music. While it’s 070 Shake that usually toys with a bit of an outer space-like sound, Ken usually toys with a trap, hyperpop sound that the jits of the world love. Interestingly, despite their two completely different styles, their chemistry sounds great in their new collaboration track “Natural Habit.”

“Natural Habitat” boasts this intergalactic beat that is full of captivating synths, hard-hitting drums, and epic vibes. During the track, 070 Shake reveals her rebellious side with her characteristic blend of whisper screaming, discussing futuristic partying as if it were 2056. In contrast, Ken Carson delivers some bold lines about his Glock and people imitating his style. If astronauts partied while on the moon, I imagine this is the s**t they would listen to.

Lowkey, this song glorifies the perfect dysfunctional marriage.