This single is for the lovers all around the world. 

Kep.Lockhart embodies “sensual R&B” for the current generation, guiding listeners through a personal journey with his captivating vocals. His smooth persona shines consistently in the song, reminiscent of the energy exuded by Usher. Lockhart adeptly captures the hearts of his fans with velvety vocals, channeling a passion that often lies concealed in today’s R&B landscape.

In his newest single, “Biz,” Kep.Lockhart breathes new life into R&B, infusing the track with an essence of intimacy as we accompany Kep and his significant other on a sensual night indoors. While many songs center around love in the club, Kep adds a contemporary touch to an old-school melody, creating a narrative that revolves around watching reruns of TV shows portraying the black love we all aspire to experience. Lockhart’s smooth vocals eloquently showcase the undeniable love he possesses, leaving fans swooning in its wake.

Transport yourself to the era of 90s R&B with Kep’s single “Biz.”