Rating: 4 out of 5.

Pardison Fontaine says Megan Thee Stallion isn’t who we think she is.

Several weeks ago, Megan Thee Stallion released “Cobra,” a track in which she candidly discusses her struggles with alcohol, personal growth, and the act of shutting out her detractors. Megan also hinted at experiencing infidelity in her past relationship with ex-boyfriend Pardison Fontaine. On Friday, Pardison chose to drop a new single titled “THEE PERSON,” addressing the negative and challenging aspects of their shared history.

This track is juicy as f**k. In “THEE PERSON,” Pardison Fontane takes a solid four minutes to call out Megan Thee Stallion, accusing her of dishonesty, infidelity, lacking genuine friendships, disloyalty, and just generally being a bad person. He even goes as far as referring to her as Karen. Despite being fed a soulful, jazzy beat, the “BACK IT UP” rapper doesn’t seem to convey much emotion; instead, his delivery comes off as emotionally detached. This suggests that he’s likely grappling with some deep hurt over the way things unfolded between him and Megan.

Damn, Pardison makes it seem like Megan is the female version of Diddy. Yikes.