Rating: 5 out of 5.

Ari Lennox would come back on ‘No Sex November.’

I love Ari Lennox, not because she exudes confidence in her sexuality or hails from DC as a strong black woman, but primarily because she consistently delivers some of the finest, top-tier R&B music I’ve ever encountered. Regrettably, Ari doesn’t grace us with new releases frequently, making each drop a precious gem to be treasured. This past Friday, she treated us to a new single titled “Get Close.”

“Get Close” is an immediate five-star standout. In the song, Ari Lennox employs her distinctive sultry vocals to express her preference for intimate closeness with her man, comparing it to butter on toast. Each line she delivers will captivate you, heightened by smooth, pure, and undeniably silky production. In essence, “Get Close” solidifies itself as another hit from the one and only Sex God, Ari Lennox!

Why is Ari Lennox so sexy? (Is this something Dr. Fauci and them can find out?)