Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

In this song, Gucci Mane and B.G. rap about a bunch of s**t that will put them right back in jail.

Gucci Mane and B.G. are cut from the same cloth. Both rappers are from the South and did some serious time in jail. It makes perfect sense that they decided to unite for a new single called “Cold.”

“Cold” gets its energy from a vibrant, hopscotch-style beat crafted by Mike WiLL Made-It. Surprisingly, both Gucci Mane and B.G. shine over the beat, delivering lyrics that touch on their experiences leaving jail, past criminal activities, and their current readiness for smoke. I think the song is cool, but not quite some s**t I would run back.

What does B.G. stand for? Big Gumbo?