Rating: 4 out of 5.

Can we just add JRoberts to Griselda already?

There are only a few rappers I turn to when I need a true hip-hop fix, and one of those individuals is JRoberts from Toronto, Canada. His music typically has impressive bars, aggressive deliveries, and beats that could knock the wig off your uncle. Unfortunately, for those who love melodies, you won’t find many from Roberts, which is actually refreshing. Recently, JRoberts collaborated with Shottie for the gritty track “Paid In Full.”

The beat that drives “Paid In Full” is the kind that I could easily imagine Benny The Butcher or Conway The Machine absolutely dominating. Although they aren’t featured in this track, J Roberts and Shottie deliver two verses that align with the style of the Griselda legends. Both verses exude competitiveness, a readiness for war, and the resilience of individuals who have overcome challenges. Roberts displays his superpowers through outstanding punchlines and clever wordplay, while Shottie’s strength lies in his slick flows and confident deliveries.

Let’s pay for bars like this.