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Wiz Khalifa – O.N.I.F.C. (Album Review)

Let’s be honest with ourselves…..Wiz Khalifa’s first album ‘Rolling Papers’ was a little on the pop tart side. To his defense, Wiz understands this, and has stated that this next album will be a lot similar to his previous Mixtape efforts.



5. PAPERBOND (4/5)

Only a rapper can start a song off with “Yep, Yep, Yep, Yep” Talentless bastards!

I like Wiz’s flow on this one, and I like how lyrical he is. Very good way to start the album Mr. Khalifa.

4. RISE ABOVE (4/5)


Wiz Khalifa’s verse is alright. Pharrell’s verse is useless. The homeless man they picked up from the streets verse is unimpactful. Guess I’m rocking with the beat and chorus only.

Amber Rose’s little part at the end reminds me of  a Ratchet girl you meet outside of a violent night club.

3. TIME (5/5)

‘Time’ Sounds like a cut that can be on ‘Kush & Orange Juice’. I like this track quite a bit.

 2. THE BLUFF (4.8/5)

‘The Bluff’ is the type of song that people smoke to for sure. I love the chorus, I love how aggressive Wiz is on it, and Killa Cam sounds perfect for the track.


Before Wiz Khalifa’s Part:

What an amazing song by the Weeknd! You really made a great song! I like your melody, I like your singing, I like your approach! Remembering a girl is something that sounds easy, but you made it sound relatively complex.

Wiz Khalifa’s part Approaches:

What? Wiz Khalfa is on this song? Why is he rapping like that? Does he know what it means to switch your style based off the content of music? Why are you talking about weed? Isn’t the song called remember you?



The album is not as experimental as ‘Rolling Papers’, and I think that’s a good thing. It’s a bit difficult to listen to this album straight through, as the subject matters/content becomes a bit stale at times though.

I wouldn’t say the album is a disappointment, but I will say if Wiz wants to be considered Rap Elite he has to come harder than this.


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