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2 Chainz & Lil Wayne – Collegrove (Album Review)

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Now that I got the heavily conscience Kendrick Lamar album ‘untitled unmastered’ out the way, it’s time to have some fun with this Lil’ Wayne and 2 Chainz album.

Lil’ Wayne and 2 Chainz have a great history of making records together (‘Duffle bag boy’, ‘Yuck’), so it was only right they make a full album together eventually.

Two things: 

1. I would’ve loved to see an actual album by Wayne and Juelz Santana in the past, so I’m a little bitter that the 2 Chainz collab actually happened and the Juelz one didn’t.

2. These two rappers are a bit past their prime; maybe 2 years ago I would’ve been a little more excited for this, but now I’m sorta like “meh”.

Now that I got my beefs out the way,  let’s have some fun with rating this album!



5. BOUNCE (4.2/5)

Believe it or not, this song actually has some skill to it (Which is one of a kind for 2 Chainz). It’s a unique sounding track for both, as they each use this fast rapping flow that catches the listeners ears. Weezy is also using his infamous sounding like he’s bout to throw up on the track sound.


4. 100 JOINTS (4.5/5)

2 Chainz is really good on this track, but the beat is the star of the show to me. Though a simple-minded person would probably say “The beat is good, and that is why the song is good”, I would disagree… For a beat like this, you have to know how to rap on it, and 2 Chainz knows exactly how to rap on it.


There is a very slow tempo to this song, which allows you to hear every ounce of ignorance from both rappers. It’s not a club song, or one of those catchy songs, it’s one of those gutter/straight rapping type songs. Well done.

2. GOT A LOTTA (4.7/5)

My number one takeaway from this track is that you can hear the passion in it.

The chorus is a bit stupid at times, but I’m OK with that because the melody is nice.

I don’t mind Lil Wayne harmonizing on tracks like these, I actually think it sounds better than him rapping on it (Just don’t do an overkill of singing like he did in that GOD-Awful rock album… He sounded like he had alcohol poisoning throughout that album.)

2 Chainz definitely comes hard on his verse; it’s definitely needed to balance out Auto-tune Wayne.


1. MFN RIGHT (4.8/5)

This is that absolutely catchy track that 2 Chainz can usually make; It’s nothing special about it, but it’s just something about this song that’ll have you noddin’ your head like crazy. It’s definitely a potential club hit, if not already.

BTW, Zaytovens sound is a very slept on one.


HOT: Dedication (4/5), Bounce (4.3/5), MFN Right (4.8/5), Gotta Lotta (4.7/5), What Happened (4/5) Bentley Truck (4/5), Blue C-Note (4/5), 100 Joints (4/5), Rolls Royce Weather (4.6/5)

MEH: Smell Like Money (3.8/5), Not Invited (3.8/5), Section (3.7/5)


To me, this is more of a 2 Chainz album than a Weezy one: The beats, the concepts, the vibes all favor 2 Chainz. However, you cannot take away from Weezy’s contributions to the album: Wayne adds this animation to each track he’s on that sorta gives you this jump start you need to completely feel the vibes.

I thought this album was gonna have a lot of kiddy s–t, but I was sorta wrong, as a lot of the tracks are actually serious rap songs. I do appreciate the album from the two southern legends, and will definitely be bumpin’ some of these tracks out of my hoopty cause ya’ll ain’t tryna pay me for doing these damn reviews!

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