PnB Rock – GTTM: Goin Thru The Motions (Album Review)

PnB Rock isn’t quite a household name in the game right now, but he’s paved his way into this solid R&B/Rap artist that has a good understanding of how to deliver exactly what the listeners want to hear in regards to today’s hip hop. With this new album, I’m looking forward to hearing Rock impose his will on the game, giving us a chance to understand why the Philly artist should have next.






‘Misunderstood’ is a happy go lucky snap song (Remember those?) in which PnB lets the girl know that she messed up by letting him go – in other words, he has moved on, but she is still bothering the hell out of him (Damn Floozies). You know how I know he still wants it? Cause he’s speaking fast ass s–t on the song! He sounds more conflicted than Jerry Jones discussing a QB controversy.

 I like the energy and the vibe of the song for sure, but the honesty is indubitable. I just feel like he’s talking about some real s–t that we as young scumbags all go through!


‘Playa No More’ has Pnb Rock, Quavo, and A Boogie wit Da Hoodie singing over this sunny ass California beat.

Does anyone care about A Boogie wit Da Hoodies part? If you do, lemme sum it up for you real quick: He sounds like a crackhead version of Andre 3000.It’s pretty cool that PnB has this voice that kinda sounds like he’s using auto-tune right? It allows him to skate through his verse with this nonchalance that sounds like he ain’t trippin’ over his new status.

I don’t like that heavy auto-tune s–t on Quavos part at all! We paid to hear Quavo, not f–kin’ ‘I Yi Yi Yi’ or whatever the f–k that robots name on power Ranger was. AUTO-TUNE NEEDS TO BE USED IN SPOTS GUYS!!!!


I absolutely love ‘Questions’ twisty-turny sound! It has the perfect platform for PnB to reflect on some confusing s–t.

PnB probably doesn’t sound as frustrated as his lyrics suggest, as he gives this laundry list of annoying ass questions that his (I’m assuming) ex-girlfriend keeps asking. Point her to your Wikipedia page bro, I’m sure she’ll keep mouth shut after seeing it!

This is PnB’s second most talented song on the album.


This is another playa denouncement track by PnB Rock, as he lets his woman know that he’s retiring from the game and giving her his all. While I’m sure that notion is complete nonsense, you can’t help but get impressed with the passion he spews this time around.

I could barely hear the transition from PnB Rock to Ty Dolla Sign on this song, meaning that these dudes sound that similar to me; I will say this however, Ty Dolla Sign brings this level 2 savageness to the track that’s a little more potty mouth than PnB Rock. When you need a good pimp retirement song, Ty is your man!


Doesn’t something about ‘Selfish’ sound like an atypical R&B song? It feels like PnB mixed this big ass bowl of hip hop ingredients to create this musical concoction I’ve never heard before.

While we can all identify with PnB’s honesty on the track, it’s his bi-polarness that makes the song intriguing to me: In spots he is emotional, some spots he’s a tough guy, then next thing you know he’s lost… I wouldn’t be surprised if the song was written by Kanye.

This song is sure to winover some diehards for him.



1. ATTENTION (3.8/5)
2. THERE SHE GO (4/5)
3. PLAYA NO MORE (4.4/5)
4. SELFISH (5/5)
5. PLANS (3.9/5)
6. RANGE ROVER (3.6/5)
7. NOTICE ME (3.7/5)
9. SMILE (4.4/5)
11. HEART RACIN’ (3.6/5)
12. QUESTIONS (4.7/5)
13. NEW DAY (3.7/5)
14. STAND BACK (3.9/5)




PnB Rock reminds me of the male version of Kehlani: Both him and Kehlani have this appreciation for this classic R&B style that incorporates the flows/styles/demeanor of rappers today.

Content-Wise, PnB is being as open as it gets, discussing topics from giving up his player card, to understanding his weaknesses in relationships. The way he approaches this honesty is pretty authentic to me, making this album sort-of a venting session for him that we are privileged to have turned into pretty decent music.

Now to my beefs….

PnB shines when he sounds more R&B then rap to me; yes I understand he’s been to jail and that all the yackity yack he’s talking is probably true, but we have thousands of rappers that sound like him when he decides to rap, but only a few that sound like him when he tries to sing… SING DAMNIT!

Overall, it is an ok release (nothing special); I think he has some really good potential, and he only tapped into a little bit of it on this album.

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