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Uchay Shines In The Very Heartwarming “SUPANOVA”


So who exactly is Uchay? Uchay is a talented rapper/singer/writer from Virginia that has a knack for putting his all into the music that he makes. In the first single off of his debut EP titled “SUPANOVA,’ you get a chance to hear exactly what I’m talking about!

On ‘SUPA’, you can hear the hunger/passion that Uchay spits with on each and every line, as he raps about his rise to the top of the game being inevitable. His confidence/aggression is what stands out the most to me, as he takes full advantage of the emotions provided by the production. If this guy doesn’t make it in the game, I’m thinking about setting up a GoFundMe for him.

DC Shaman has the second verse on the song, and he provides that whole conscience sound that gives the song another perspective. (Doesn’t he sound like a more lyrical Ryan Leslie?)

‘SUPA’ is uplifting, its lyrical, and it’s a great appetizer for his debut EP. Check out some other tracks from Uchay on his website here.


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