James Patrick Morgan – Expected (Review & Stream)

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James Patrick Morgan is an up and coming pop singer that has some very impressive vocals that he can tout. With his new release ‘Expected’, listeners are treated to music from him that does a good job in making us feel good right before we are forced into doomsday (inauguration).

There are plenty of good things to say about this song, and it all starts with the beat: For ‘Expected’, James takes full advantage of an explosive instrumental that contains flamboyant trumpets, heavy drums, and some kick ass guitar. Anytime you are given such an energetic platform to sing on, you have to match it (in which James does).

James does a good job of showing some animation on this song, as he finds himself engulfed in this unexpected rendezvous with this mystery woman. James is marveling the situation he is in with this mystery woman, which means she must have a booty so big that you’ll keep the kid.

I feel like this song could be really good for karaoke.


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