Absoloot is my candidate to replace Luke Cage if he dies in season 3 – His passion combined with his aggressive bars is bad ass super hero like.

The production on this song has a very old school sound to it, and the style that Absoloot is rapping with compliments that sound very well. Bar after bar, Absoloot pours out his heart about racism, the crooked law, and human inequality; everything about his rhymes sound authentic, which translates well to people that agree with his messages.  Even if you aren’t a fan of Absoloots conscience content, you have to enjoy his outstanding wordplay; he twists up words like a pro, reminding us that rap can be a super power too.

The song finishes off with an unapologetic poem by The Captain, in which he sums up everything Absoloot was saying, but more heinously.

politics being discussed in rap is making a comeback!