Mick Jenkins – Pressed For Time (Ft. GoldLink) (Review & Stream)

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I definitely f–ks with Mick Jenkins, as his smooth/eccentric sound is something I find extremely unique. This song continues in that trend, as he plays crooner to his woman.

One of Mick’s approaches to tracks involves him opening up (Shall I even say sounding sappy as hell) when talking about the many things that he loves — this particular subject is about his woman. I’m not sure how poetic Mick usually is, but this time around he sounds like f–king Nick Cannon on ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing’ when he took the girl to that poetry spot. It’s amazing to me how a man with such a monstrous voice can sound this pleasant….

GoldLink follows in Mick’s footsteps, but his rhymes are a little more herky jerky than Micks. GoldLink definitely sounds like he has some Jamacian in him.




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