Melvin Fromm Jr. – Crazy Drills For Love (& More)

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The talented Melvin Fromm Jr. has been hammering down some of the best jazz-inspired music I’ve heard as of late, and with these three new songs, he proves that his knack for making great music is no fluke. 




‘Crazy Drills for Love’ has a combination of sorrow and energy to it, which is a combination I find very intriguing to listen to. Knowing that the Violin could have a major impact on the emotions of the track, Melvin utilizes it masterfully, letting it shine in a way that really sticks out.

While the Violin is consistent, the drums does change quite a bit in energy: In one phase the beat is a bit gentle, and in the second phase it is a little heavier hitting. Overall, I feel this is a great example of Melvin’s outstanding writing.


This track has this slowness to it that creates a very romantic mood. Much like other tracks by Melvin Fromm Jr., this song has this hypnotizing sound to it that draws listeners in. For some reason, I get this Texas ranch feel when I hear this song.


With the first two songs being a bit smooth, this one has more of a party vibe to it.

The song contains a heavy contribution from a piano, and that piano plays feverishly throughout. You can tell Melvin understood that the key to this song was energy, and when you decide to channel that energy through a piano, you can create something really special (Which is what happens here).

Anyone who is not jumping up and down while listening to this song is a party pooper!


I love Melvin Fromm Jr’s versatility, which is something I’ve praised for some while now. These three songs are a combination of romantic, energy, and smoothness, which is the three things I feel we need to listen to in our life from time to time.

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