Kap G – SupaJefe (Album Review)


If this album is as interesting as its artwork, it might be an album for the ages.

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Everyone likes Migos right? Well this is Migos in the form of a Mexican man! I mean seriously, Kap G does a good impression of Offset on this song from the ad-libs to the flow; f–k, he even picks a beat that I’m pretty sure Migos would pick.

It sounds like three people are on this song, but it doesn’t have any names as features though; Is this the first n—a to have ghost features?


This song features the Chris Brown we all love, and that is the Chris Brown that wants to steal all our girls! 🙂

Despite all the reppin and tough talk, the song has a partying sound to it. Kap G goes back and forth with both a singing Chris Brown and a rapping one, providing his huffing and puffing sound to the track. Overall, Kap does nothing for the song, as Chris Brown shines the brightest on a song that is pretty much catered for him.


‘Motions’ has a gentle sound to it, but Kap is kicking some ass on it lyrically.

One thing I really like about Kap is that he seems like a real ass dude, so when he makes records in which he opens up, it sounds really dope to me.

He said he remembers when his performances only had 10 people back in 2004…. N—a, you was 10 years old, why would your s–t be poppin’ at 10?

Kap closes his lines out like a professional bruh! This dude rhymes better than the great Dr. Seuss.


This song sounds like both ‘Moves’ and ‘Bounce Back’ by Big Sean: It has the same tempo, and the same vibe to it.

While ‘Basic’ has a very basic theme to it, Kap G does the song justice by creating this catchy ass melody throughout.



‘Rings’ is a smooth trap song by Kap G in which he combines some impressive harmonizing with a flawless flow. The song is put together very well, resulting in the most complete song on the album.

I like the fact that he compares some of the past NBA champions credentials to his scumbag antics; I’m sure Magic Johnson winning 5 championships is just as impressive as getting a Porsche through rap money.


1. CEO (4.3/5)
2. RINGS (5/5)
3. MCM (4/5)
4. I SEE YOU (4.5/5)
6. BASIC (4.6/5)
7. AY YI YI (3.4/5)
8. MOTIVATION (4.2/5)
9. I HEARD (3.9/5)
10. ICHA GICHA (3.3/5)
11. HOPE (4/5)
12. MOTIONS (4.6/5)


My biggest beef with the artists of today is that they all seem to copy each others styles; while Kap G is one of those people that copies the sounds of today, he also adds some uniqueness to it that distinguishes himself from the pack just a little. You can tell dude has talent, but he needs to find his own lane and sway away from sounding like the music of today to reach his potential.

There is a few hits on this album, and you will certainly enjoy it for like 1 week til the next singing trap rapper comes out.

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