Melvin Fromm Jr. – Time to Fire Proof Life (& More)

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The more and more I hear from Melvin Fromm Jr., the more I am convinced that he has a one of a kind talent when it comes to music! With these three songs, he continues to show that talent through a variety of sounds.




‘Time to fire proof life’ has this explosive sound to it, as each and every instrument finds away to shine.

The tone of the track has a bit of electricity to it, and when you combine that with the great tempo, you get a song that serves as a boost of energy to your day.


I love the title of this song, because I think it fits its style greatly. On this song, you get this fast paced sound that is created by a myriad of instruments. The main instrument you hear is a Guitar, and it serves as this rebellious figure to the otherwise gentle piano.

So much energy is exhibited on this song, which gets your heart flowing with every second that it is on.


‘Time to Fire Proof Love’ is a vast difference from the first two songs, as Melvin decides to slow things down just a little. On this song, Melvin treats listeners to this emotional sound that reminds me of a passionate night with someone you love. The emotions of the track only get more and more apparent as the song goes by, illuminating through your heart like an ultra light beam.

This is one of the more impressive songs in Mr. Melvin Fromms catalog, and that is because it channels this emotion that I haven’t heard from his music before.


Melvin was able to create a few different sounds that I think is versatile enough to excite his true fans. Each song has different styles that are powerful, making it more than just a listen to me – it’s also mood setter.

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