Uncle Murda – Statue of Limitations (Ft. 50 Cent) (Review & Stream)

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Haven’t you always wanted an Uncle Murda and 50 Cent duo album?

This is definitely some hard s–t from Uncle, as he raps over this very gutter beat. Each lyric Murda drops gives proof of his gangsta ways, getting real specific, but not allowed to say names. I feel Uncle for sure, I got some Chipotle workers I can’t say by name cause of the same limitations (I slapped a couple of them for putting all that damn sour creme on one side of my burrito).

This ain’t 50 Cent, this Booboo n—a! (Actually nah, I ain’t calling no grow man BooBoo) 50 Cent sounds like ‘Get Rich or Die Trying’ 50 Cent on this song, as he raps with a good flow, hard lyrics, and believability. I want this 50 on his next album.

I’m loving this track guys!


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