Kid Ink – Supasoaker (Review & Stream)

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TM88 is the best beat maker in the game right now, but Murda Beatz is a very close second to me! (How rude of me to mention 2 names before I even mentioned Kid Ink’s).

Kid Ink has been dropping folks, but nothing has stuck to the wall yet. A lot of the songs he’s released sounds forced to me, which fans usually notice. With that being said, I think this song falls in line with what he should be doing.

On the song, Kid Ink doesn’t hold back in his approach, showing this aggression that I think everyone has been waiting for. Yes Kid Ink is talking about flossing on this song, but this time around he does it in a way that is a lot more slick.

That Herky Jerky flow is making a comeback like cooked crack!


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