Melvin Fromm Jr. – Cool Vintage Cars Filled Dreams (& More)

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The man with the coolest song titles and the most audacious instrument play has returned to the scene! With these three new songs, I look forward to seeing how much more Melvin can stretch his already vast arsenal of music.




The first thing that stands out to me when i hear this song is how dynamic it is: It’s like it has this mellow sound attached to it, but also a bit of funkiness too. With the blending of many different sounds, you are treated to this very universal sound that many will enjoy.


This song is nothing short of hardcore. Melvin made sure this songs rebellious sound was felt in every type of way, as there is some explosive guitar play combined with heavy hitting drums. More than anything, this song makes me want to be one of those bikers that roll through the streets without a care in the world.


I repeat, Melvin Fromm Jr. has the best song titles known to man! This title is pure genius to me.

While i am super amped up by the title of the song, the actual music on it decides to take a dramatic approach instead. Melvin continues his astonishing violin play, becoming this effective ventriloquist to our listening ears throughout the song. Complimenting the Violin are these subtle drums that have no intentions to take over the song. This turns out to be a really good mix of instrument play overall.

All in all, on this song, Melvin was able to create this romantic sound that can make even a snowball that is meeting its demise remain in love.


I really like the vibes that Melvin provides on each and every song he creates, and these three songs are a great example of that. More than anything, you can tell Melvin really enjoys his craft, and that energy and excitement comes out in every single note he delivers.

Ps. I hope you enjoyed DC!

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