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Cranford Hollow – And You Brutus (Review & Stream)


Cranford Hollow is a band from Hilton Head, SC, that conveys the rustic sound of their city through foot-tapping melodies and strapping vocals. With their new track named ‘And You Brutus’, they take listeners on this exhilarating journey full of self-fulfillment.  

‘And You Brutus’ has the band reaching listeners with this calm/soothing sound instrumentally. It is a great way to ease the mind of the listeners initially, while the boastful contribution from the lead singer adds this exciting dynamic to the song.

As soon as the lead singer enters the song, you are treated to this dominating sound that immediately grabs your attention. Each and every lyric that he delivers reverberates, as he uses the right amount of ebullience to let his words really soak in. By the end of each verse, you end up having this invigorating feeling, as it feels like he is describing what we all want on any given day.

This song has such good spirit to it, reminding me of a well needed boost of energy to a groggy day. Everyone is in tune on the song, making for this phenomenal collaboration from the band.



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