Kid Ink – 7 Series (EP) (Album Review)

Anyone else disappointed with where Kid Ink’s career has went? This EP sorta just released in the background, which shouldn’t happen for a pretty good artist like this. Nonetheless, I still believe in Ink’s talent, so rating this album is not a burden for me.




‘Bad Lil Vibe’ could’ve easily gotten this 5th spot, but I think Lottery is unique enough to crack the top 5.

This is a nice little couples song in which Kid Ink pleads with his women to avoid fighting with him in Vegas. You can hear the emotions in his voice, as he rather do some other s–t like lose money at the baccarat table then fight.

You think fighting in Vegas is bad? I had a fight with my girl in Tijuana outside of El Pollo Loco one time. I kept telling her that her GPS was wrong, ain’t no way Spain is 55 minutes from Tijuana.


Kid Ink made some of his best work with DJ Mustard at the helm, so that alone should excite you for this. The song also features Ty Dolla Sign, and has that whole summer time feel that helped resurrect California music from the basement.

Ty Dolla Sign reaches level 3 soul on this track, setting the tone masterfully (Despite not blowing his nose yet). While it may be a bit of a simple chorus, it definitely resonates with me.

Same flow that Kid Ink typically uses, but with a little more umph. I enjoy Inks energy on this song, as he is able to connect with the real n—a daypartiers.


I didn’t know Starrah was a girl! Also, I didn’t know she was from Rehoboth Beach!

This track is one of those ‘pop’ records that is not that ‘pop’ content-wise (i.e. Enrique Iglesias “f–ing you tonight’). Starrah sings this colorful sounding chorus, plugging in some raw bedroom lyrics.

Kid Ink is very melodic on his part, losing himself in the vibrant beat. His part is very gentle, meaning he wants to butter up homegirl as much as he can before he plows.

I can see this song blowing up.


I absolutely love this track! It’s tough, but not tough enough to dissuade lukewarm rap fans from enjoying it.

As usual, Kid Ink has a phenomenal grasp of the records flow, knowing the exact tone, melody and lyrics to help solidify his ruthless words. Out of all the songs on this album, this is the one that shows off his talent the most.


TM88 is the best beat maker in the game right now, but Murda Beatz is a very close second to me. The s–t Murda is bringing out lately is wayyyyy too fire to ignore!

I think this song falls in line with what Kid Ink should be doing moving forward. On the song, Kid Ink doesn’t hold back in his approach, showing this aggression that I think everyone has been waiting for since day 1. Yes Kid Ink is talking about flossing, but this time around he does it in a way that is a lot more slick.

That Herky Jerky flow he uses on this track is making a comeback like cooked crack!


2. NO STRINGS (4.8/5)
3. F WITH YOU (4.7/5)
4. MOOCHI (4.3/5)
6. BAD LIL VIBE (4.8/5)
7. LOTTERY (4.6/5)
8. SWISH (2/5)


The only song on this EP that is not fire is ‘Swish’, which is one of the worst tracks he’s created to date.

In the rap game right now, Kid Ink might just have the most hardcore bubblegum sound, and on this EP he took advantage of it. Ink knows his lane, as he tends to hop on tracks that have some summertime/good energy to them. More than anything, Ink values a good melody, making sure he reaches his female fans with his smoothness vocally, and the real n—as with his blunt lyrics; this is a good way to cover all bases, which I think he does very well on this EP.

I strongly recommend listening to this EP, you will not be disappointed.

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