YFN Lucci – Everyday We Lit (Remix) (Ft. Wiz Khalifa, PnB Rock & Lil Yachty)

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My man YFN Lucci aka Middle Class Homie Quan aka Trap Preacher recruited some big names for this ‘Everyday We Lit (Remix)’.

Lil Yachty starts the song off, and believe it or not, he sounds like your everyday singing rapper! I was feeling his verse until he said living life like Cousin Skeeter….

YFN Lucci is second, and you can tell he wanted to strong arm this remix to show he was the boss of the song. He gives a nice little verse that is all rapping.

1000’s of us were waiting for Wiz’s part, and he drops a pretty passionate verse in which he is singing the whole time. It is very short, which sucks.


YFN LUCCI (4.5/5)


PNB ROCK (5/5)



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