Katy Perry seems to be focused on hip hop lately, as she recruits Nicki Minaj for this new single called ‘Swish Swish’.

The song is very pop sounding, and will be perfect for that hippie bar we all have in our local towns. It is almost sounds like runway music, which is a genre that is very popular now

Katy sounds all seductive on this song, almost¬†like she’s ready to get poked yesterday. Her voice is beautiful on the song, showing off her ability to put a strangle hold on a electrifying beat.

Nicki has a phenomenal verse on this song, rapping tough with plenty of punchlines. She kinda reminds me of ‘Truffle Butter’ Nicki on her verses, which is a Nicki that I really like.

This is a really good collaboration between the two super artists.