Rocky Jones continues to make hits, reminding listeners why he is one of the fastest growing artists in NJ. With these three new tracks, Rocky continues to hold his own over some legendary beats, keeping it real bar to bar and song to song.




MY MONEY (INTRO) (4.5/5)

On ‘My Money (Intro)’, Rocky talks about his love for money, but also warns listeners about the potential horrors it can cause for you.

If you are a fan of Rocky, you know that flossing is something he doesn’t mind rapping about, but on this particular song, you get this humility from him that is noteworthy. On his verses, Rocky gives advice on how you should move when the money starts coming in, giving specific examples on what he did to find solace with it. Though the song is short, the message will definitely resonate with you.



‘Heaven and Hell’ doesn’t only feature Rocky Jones, but it also features Slang, Nezz & Mega.

Slang opens the song up, and he hits us with some street s–t that fits the dramatic beat perfectly. To me, every word he spits seems authentic, as he represents that goon of the group that will never be walked over.

Rocky has the second verse, and he brings this conscience element to the song. As usual, Rocky glides through his verse, talking about the struggles the people are going through in the hood. I think I like hearing Rocky get political on tracks.

Nezz brings some animation to the song, portraying this general that is great at motivating the wolves. He doesn’t hold back in his words, keeping it 100 from start to finish.

Mega closes the song out, showing tremendous wordplay from start to finish. His verse is tough as hell, as he uses some very clever punchlines to proclaim his superiority in the rap game.

If you are a fan of real rap music, you will love this song.


‘Dusee & Champagne’ is a song in which Rocky flips Snoop’s classic ‘Gin and Juice’ record, making his own Vulture gang inspired version.

Rocky’s demeanor when he raps is beyond solid to me! He comes across as laid back on tracks, delivering his bars with this ease that is similar to the greats. On this song, he nails the delivery, mixing in some catchy phrases with straight bars. Overall, Rocky was able to create this picture perfect depiction of a party full of beautiful women, poppin’ music, and of course lots of good drank!